How Volkswagen is building a launching pad for startups

Is this a good idea? Does it have prospects of being implemented in practice? These are questions that are being asked in the "Denk:Raum" (‘thinking room') of the Volkswagen Ideation Hub in Wolfsburg. Dr. Jennifer Sarah Geffers and her team are focusing their attention on an app programmed by a few creative minds of a startup. Does their concept make sense? Is there any demand? Are there better solutions? Following intensive discussions, the team agrees. The pilot project can be implemented within the company following a second, more detailed presentation. The major industrial group Volkswagen and the young startups are cooperating. It's as easy as that. The Volkswagen Group IT Ideation Hub makes it possible. 
At the Ideation Hub, experts from a variety of disciplines including economists and social scientists, engineers, computer scientists and marketing or design specialists work together in brightly lit open-plan offices with work islands and strategy boards scattered through them. Here, Geffers (39), who holds a doctorate in economics, and her team explore ideas for the digital future of the Volkswagen Group. And that is not all. If they identify an idea in the startup environment, they provide support for the entrepreneurs through to the implement­tation of the pilot project within the Group. The main focus is on the topics of new mobility, Industry 4.0 and the work of the future. The Ideation Hub concentrate especially on international startups. "We identify ideas and develop them together with the startup and the responsible specialist department to form a pilot project. We are the door-opener to the Volkswagen Group for startups," says Geffers.

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How the Volkswagen Group is working on the lightweight-construction solutions of the future

At the Open Hybrid LabFactory in Wolfsburg, industry experts and scientists are working on a common goal: They are developing materials and production processes that will enable our cars to shave off weight and, thus, reduce their environmental impact.

Research project successful: Volkswagen IT experts use quantum computing for traffic flow optimization

The Volkswagen Group is the world's first automaker to intensively test the use of quantum computers. Volkswagen is cooperating with leading quantum computing company specialist D-Wave Systems. At CeBIT 2017, the two companies today announced their cooperation. In a first research project, IT experts from Volkswagen have already successfully developed and tested a traffic flow optimization algorithm on a D-Wave quantum computer.

Volkswagen driving realignment at full speed

The positive result in fiscal year 2016 has given the Volkswagen Group new momentum and optimism as it enters the next phase of its realignment. "The last year was a challenging yet remarkably successful year for us.


Volkswagen Group receives all approvals from German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for modifications of TDI engines

All necessary official approvals within the remit of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) have now been issued for the modification of diesel vehicles with type EA189 engines. 

Volkswagen Group Italia: action plan for Diesel EU5 Type EA189 engines

The web-process which allows the Customers to check whether their vehicle will be involved in the service action to correct the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions characteristics on EU5 Type EA 189 Diesel engines or not, has been released.

Matthias Müller appointed CEO of the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group Matthias Müller appointed CEO of the Volkswagen Group Matthias Müller (62) has been appointed CEO of Volkswagen AG with immediate effect.

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