Volkswagen Group – Protection of species and eco systems as a corporate objective

May 22 is "International Day of Biodiversity". The promotion of biodiversity has been a declared corporate objective of the Volkswagen Group since 2007. In 'TOGETHER – Strategy 2025', the Volkswagen Group has set itself the ambitious target of becoming a role model in the topic of environment. More than 6,000 employees and stakeholders are involved in the preservation of biodiversity at brands, companies and at international company locations. In many projects, employees of the Group are actively involved or even initiators. The Group supports more than 80 global projects to preserve biodiversity and protect ecosystems.

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Volkswagen Group intensifies cooperation with start-ups

The Volkswagen Group is intensifying its cooperation with young start-ups ups from the technology sector. At the international "CUBE Tech Fair " start-up and technology conference held in Berlin from May 10 to 12, Volkswagen is presenting the Volkswagen Mobility Award to a top start-up. Volkswagen has been cooperating with start-ups intensively for several years, which is one of the reasons why it remains an innovative trendsetter with respect to future-oriented digital topics.

Volkswagen Group presents its Sustainability Report for 2016

The Volkswagen Group has initiated the largest process of change in its history with the "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025" programme for the future. This creates the foundation for becoming one of the world's leading providers of sustainable mobility. The Volkswagen 2016 Sustainability Report intensively examines the changes and progress made by the Group in sustainability management. It highlights not only positive effects – new jobs, increase of opportunities for participation and fostering regional structures and prosperity – but looks equally at detrimental effects as well, caused in particular through emissions and resource consumption. Key developments in recent months arising from working through the diesel crisis are also summarised in a separate section of the Sustainability Report.

Annual General Meeting: Volkswagen Group announces multi-billion investments in eco-friendly drives

The Volkswagen Group is pressing ahead with the transformation of mobility. "The future is electric. We intend to be the No. 1 in e-mobility by 2025", Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen AG, announced at the Group's Annual General Meeting in Hanover. Throughout the Group, intensive efforts are underway to help achieve the breakthrough of this technology. At the same time, the Volkswagen Group is continuing to develop diesel and petrol engines, making them even more efficient and eco-friendly.


Volkswagen Group receives all approvals from German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for modifications of TDI engines

All necessary official approvals within the remit of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) have now been issued for the modification of diesel vehicles with type EA189 engines. 

Volkswagen Group Italia: action plan for Diesel EU5 Type EA189 engines

The web-process which allows the Customers to check whether their vehicle will be involved in the service action to correct the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions characteristics on EU5 Type EA 189 Diesel engines or not, has been released.

Matthias Müller appointed CEO of the Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group Matthias Müller appointed CEO of the Volkswagen Group Matthias Müller (62) has been appointed CEO of Volkswagen AG with immediate effect.

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